Give Thought

Joseph Sadony

Have you a fault that you admit to yourself, in sincerely wishing to cure it? Then don't think too much about it, to "alibi" it, or you will expose it to others... and then it will not by your property alone, but shared with those to whom you have exposed your weakness. This will make it difficult if not impossible to destroy it. A secret is no more when you entrust it to another. A real friend does not wish to know it so he too may be a party to it; nor should you force his personal responsibility to carry an unwelcome burden.

Faults are better overcome by forgetting them and outgrowing them in new interests, than by fighting them. The best cure for a bad habit is to cultivate a good habit as a substitute. This is not so difficult as you may think. For every bad fault there are a thousand good substitutes. You can make it a habit to laugh at yourself, or to say a prayer. Ridicule yourself if you can, but don't condemn yourself. The result of that is to poison the soil that would nourish the virtue which would replace the fault.

When you can sit down and analyze your own shortcomings, you have found your other best self that knows right from wrong, and that will lead you to everything meant for your success and happiness.