Correspondences with Otto Ernest Rayburn

Joseph A. Sadony
Valley of the Pines
Montague, Michigan.
December 14, 1931

Otto Ernest Rayburn
Eminence, Missouri.

Dear Friend,

I am so sorry that I did not write you long ago. You will, I know, pardon my apparent neglect, when you know that my opinion is that men worthwhile understand motives best; at least like two artists separated by the oceans, and though never having met, still when they meet years later, and each visits the Studio of the other, they recognize all short-cuts, all methods acquired by constant labor as short cuts to results in overcoming gravity to save time. Though not a word be spoken, each living in the same world only applies tools of environments such as they are...

And so I offer you my hand, my friendship, and that brotherly love for one common cause, truth, loyalty and home.

I realize more than you may know, all your hardship, disappointments, and that ever question WHY. It is like a 500 lb pig iron sent to the foundry. What will come of it? A part of it as rail spikes, a surgical needle, an anchor, a fish-hook, a maul, a scalpel, pistol, a pants button, a hair spring, or a compass. The pig iron is placed in the furnace until liquid, then taken to the moulds of God's workmen, destiny, ordered according to His will and pattern. If the iron be used for an anchor, it needs but the weight of brawn. But if a tempered knife, it needs to pass through another heating process, as you and I. Then, if it is to become a compass, not only must it be purified, tempered, receive the soul of God, (magnetized), but must be poised without friction of environments, to do its work. So you may realize why you had to go through all you have.

The above I wrote longhand in the car while waiting for Mrs. Sadony to do her shopping in town. Now I have returned to the office after having worked in the shop all even helping Joseph Jr. repair the ether-thermometer that records the heat of the water in the radiator of the car. Though it is now three o'clock in the morning, I will finish this letter before going to bed.

I cannot help but symbolize our conditions. You have perhaps seen men in a little country town whittling out a pine, a little fan, tweezers, or linked chains. Perhaps you have seen sculptors kill time by modelling in clay for an hour. How long did this clay keep its shape? About as long as an ignorant man's opinion after trying to master algebra in an hour. Again, you take some artists who have given their life to their work. They think nothing of seeking four or five years for the hardest rock, and then for twenty years bring out a shape from its conception. Such work lasts longer than the life of man. And now comes the most important part. God has chosen the most solid rock, the most tempered steel, Nature's indestructible flesh and blood. Those that He found clay remained but for a little while, until Humanity woke up to the fact that that statue of clay was resting upon the solid rock of God's masterpiece, that clean flesh and blood which dared to go on fighting a battle against odds, being condemned, often criticized for a fool or fanatic -- but ever in mind a goal, an Ideal -- never satisfied, but ever a want, as with you and myself.

Surely you need but look back to when you were seven years old; the responsibility upon your shoulders, and your people longing for you to have an education, such as they, perhaps, were denied. You with your artistic, practical temperament, that inspiration born of a purpose to do a big thing. Then came the struggle where you were more help for others than for yourself financially. Then came your Romance -- the first of which I will not say was "shattered" -- but you were protected, for things were not to be as you expected. Then came your marriage to your good wife, who has had some bitter disappointments; and she was perhaps nearer death than you were. But it seemed that Fate destined to give you a long ladder to climb, a safe one, leaning against the mountainside to a trail. And for that reason in 1912 and 1914 there seemed to be a switch. 1917-1922 and 1926, also as if the bottom dropped out. And it. seemed but a few years ago that you were forced into your present environments.

Had you carried out what was expected, you would not have the possibilities that have come from the future to meet you. The experience you have had could not be bought. It has shaped and polished you for greater work to come, while others, apparently more fortunate than you, have drifted down the stream with you. But they dared not swim against the stream as you have and can, in fear of exposing the fact that they do not possess anything to be envied.

It is easy to follow the path of another, but more safe to pick one's own, with the realization that his movements will not be hampered, and where he is able to grow the shape of his inborn Ideals.

Don't feel discouraged, dear friend; For while we may be idle, others are dying; their backs bending double with the load of obligation and losses; and like toadstools that spring up after a warm rain, glorying in their quick growth over the little oak sapling that lives to see thousands of generations come and go; and absorbing and creating all these toadstools at will and pleasure, that grow upon the table where the roots of this oak tree eat their meals. And so it is with you, and with me.

I too have suffered more than I will ever express. But I can tell you, for you will understand, that I have made many men wealthy, only to be forgotten by them in their wealth. I have somewhat over sixty thousand dollars standing out, realizing that I can never collect, because those who owe it to me haven't got it to give. So I am sending them all a Christmas present, a receipt in full, so at least they have courage to go on.

I wish sometime you might run up for a week-end, or a couple of days at least, so I might prove to you some very uncanny discoveries that I have made. And it will incidentally prove to you why we have made contact -- that it was not an "accident".

However, do tell your good wife that the air-castles that are still within her heart will be more than intensified, and can easily cone to paws, so there will be not only more excitement, things of more interest, but that she will be able to buy the many little things she felt she could not afford. Sometime I will have much to tell you both, that may give you a thrill. This letter is but a forerunner.

Do not feel too despondent over financial matters, for should you lose everything you have today, 1932 would return it all to you with interest. No one can rob you of your Personality, and that clear, running spring of thoughts. If there be no fountain pen or ink, there would be chicken feathers for quills, and blood as ink. But this I do know, that God in all His goodness has never forgotten you both for one moment; but has used environments and men to cut and carve you into shape for the great work as a leader still to be carried out. You have realized it, or you never could have had the patience to do what you have done, and with so little returns.

Now in reference to little Billy, you are going to have your hands full answering his questions; and it seems that since he was born, your wife has either not been so well, or somewhat nervous. To be more accurate, however, have her send me a few lines of her handwriting, or a personal note to me.

Billy has a way of showing his symptoms very quickly when not feeling well, being quite sensitive, but he always comes back in a hurry. He will take a great deal after his mother's father's people. You may think that he will pass away, before he is seven; but don't you worry. He will prove up 100%.

As for Gloria, she has rhythm and music in her heart. She will accept personal responsibility very early, as a regular little Mother; but she will insist upon two and two being four. She surely will be a heart-breaker; and at the same time glad to wear overalls to prove a chip of the old block.

As for yourself, I like the four sides of your mental cube, which I feel are these: Adaptability, to any environments; Endurance, to carry out your purpose; Reliability, because of your integrity; Action, because of your determination for justice, for community, and your executive ability. You have perhaps more friends than you may imagine, because you try to forget the good you have done, and try to be deaf at times, in fear that it might all be flattery.

You see, your good old Dad had not the chance to be both brain and brawn. With him, it seemed the hard struggle of a pioneer trying to make good with a toothpick. You need but go back when your parents were married. There seemed to have been a heartbreaking struggle for your mother because of the family she came from, and into the environments into which she was forced. And do you know that her Romance was hidden within her heart? -- and that she did not live it?

However, sometime I will gladly pick up the thread, then let me follow back sixty years or so, just to prove to you how easy life's thread may be wound up into a ball of yarn and then knitted into a sweater to wear Tomorrow.

I dare not express things that really exist all about us. But I do prove them personally, and once we meet I will convince you of the power within yourself, and why you have gone on blindly, sensing what is before you, and marvelling at the compliments you have received from good thinkers -- when you only expressed How a good man thinks, and not necessarily What he thinks.

However, just be patient a few more months. Thousands will suffer far more than you and I, Remember the storm of this depression is pruning out the unfit, the impatient, the leech, the parasite, the foreflusher, and the chronic beggar. It is for the coming new Era, that we must be prepared, to lead the poor blind children of God into a new Light. And as long as we keep our hands on the Tiller, our eyes on the mainsail and compass, we shall not want.

Ever bear in mind to accept inspiration by measuring it with a bushel basket of Reason, and with a foot-rule of logic and common sense. It is not necessary to have a few peacocks exhibiting their pride on the front lawn; rather a lively little canary singing its song than to hear the voice of the peacock trying to imitate because its master cannot see its beautiful plumage.

I shall be only too glad to keep in touch with you; to exchange views, and as soon as I materialize a few propositions I have under way, I would be only too glad to do all I can to help you carry on any good work you wish. My friends shall be your friends., At any rate, you will always find me and mine the same; for we never change. At least we have not in twenty-five years of our happy, married life.

I shall look forward to our meeting. And I assure you, in fact I guarantee that you will be mighty surprised after a few hours conversation. So it remains to be seen.

Do give my kindest regards to Mrs. Rayburn, and kiss the kiddies for us. So with love to you from us all,

Joseph (signed)

Joseph A. Sadony
Valley of the Pines
Montague, Mich.
Jan 25, 1932

Otto Ernest Rayburn
Eminence, Missouri.

Dear Friend,

Do not be discouraged. Bear in mind that the power that inspired you to do what you have done is greater than the "depression", which you have been forced to taste, hear, see, feel and absorb. Remember that the little gland at the tail end of a duck has the power to keep that duck dry -- one drop against the entire pond. And as long as there are no rivers or creeks running into the great River, just keep on drifting, for every chip on the surface, whether a piece of dried weed or wood inlaid with gold, all drift the same speed -- relatively equal. But there is a stream just for you and your family, of pure, clear, cool water -- and like the prophets of old, will be fed the best food there is.

What you have lost can more than be replaced, as long as you have your loved ones. Our first blunt lead pencil has boon replaced with solid gold pens, but we forget.

Try to realize that the great power back of us can improve if they are so inclined -- for are They not the inventor of life itself? -- with a purpose They shall only reveal when we are able to understand. But the fact that we understand enough to go on blindly, proves a hidden, unseen magnetic pull which directs the point of our mental compass to a given point. And though it point through a dismal swamp, it is a short-cut of compensation -- proof of our sincerity, and reward for our perseverance. For nowadays the masses will select the long, smooth slippery road with little effort. But the Pioneer, the Columbus, the Lincoln, and great Thinkers, are blind to the jungle of superstition and dangers, and will blaze a road through them, as we are supposed to do right now.

Bear in mind that if we make good, you shall share with us. For what good is a time-piece if one of the hours are omitted? What you have suffered is but the pendulum of the night. You can measure how much Fate is indebted to you, by measuring the night's sorrow by the day's joy, from sunrise to sunset. The unknown quantity is always known by what is known. But the fact remains that as long as we possess truth, it will flourish by itself. All it needs is what precious jewels need -- a pure, gold clasp, or a strong silk cord to hold them together, as a Bouquet of Beauty and Permanency.

An Artist is known by the material he uses. If clay, he is but a sand-fly of Today. But if "granite", and hard substances, a human century plant.

However, we are Brothers in the same Cause -- so let us not be discouraged. Our time has almost come, and the beauty of it all is that truth will remain truth, if it is in my hand or yours, as long as that hand is not stained, and as long as there be a conscience between us there can be no stain because it bears witness; consequently there is discipline and penalties, and we still are a worthy citizen as Shepherds. So don't mind, no matter what may happen. Do the best you can in your own way, for the present, and I will guarantee that your greatest moment, ambition and Ideal will yet come to pass in an unexpected way, as it will with myself. And always dare to speak as you think, as long as 2 and 2 are 4. The system of crucifying and burning at the stake is of the past, and the present doubt is but a shadow, an echo of what has been.

It is well that we can display a few scars, even though it be the scar of vaccination. It entitles us to a redemption of what appears lost.

It would surprise you if you realized what people think of you, what comfort you have given. Don't you think that that is placed on the ledger of progress? Why, you couldn't go down and out if you tried -- no more than I could. Not any more than the gold penpoint of your pen can make a period and say "I am through" -- For that is all we are. But thank the Lord, the Hand that moves us is the Hand of Providence -- the ink our blood, and the paper, the hearts of blind men.

So now, be cheerful, dear Brother, and know that our contact throughout the world means more than we can realize. Death would prove it, but we would be helpless. So let us put on our armor, use good common sense and logic, and prove that we know, and know that we know what we are talking about. And the coming Spring either you run up and see us, or we will run down and see you. And then let me give you absolute proof of that peculiar mental power of intuition, which you possess. I mean I want to have you experience a strange phenomenon yourself, that you may sense a fact you have never realized. For the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as we know -- not hearsay or "miracles", unless it demonstrates itself with your own consciousness.

And tell your good wife not to be despondent; that this year is the greatest beginning for real contentment and the finale of doubt. For which has the greatest fear -- the edge of the flood, or the river bank that is being torn away? The water is the great Cleanser and Leveller. No earthly material can imprison it. By its dew and moisture it splits granite into little bits, and by its flood it carries it to the sea. Likewise with the law of God through Nature. So as long as you drift intuitively, cleansing, levelling, and giving drink to the thirsty, there is but one answer -- and you have answered that already -- for have not our streams crossed, only to be strengthened in magnitude?

So now try to remember these things, and check up the reaction.

So wishing you the best,
With love to you and your little family,

Joseph (signed)