The least we can do is breath God's fresh air,
eat Nature's good food,
dress for protection, and love one another.
It is only under these conditions
that we annihilate time
which alone binds us to Death.



Together With A New Version Of





It is not necessary for one to seek in the garden of others, when God has given each of us a garden of our own.

The poem , AN AWAKENING, was first printed November 1909 in THE MUSKEGON CHRONICLE The remaining material in this BOOKLET has been hitherto unpublished.

THIS IS NUMBER 37 of the first edition of the first PINE TREE BOOKLET of which 150 copies were done by hand at the embryo of THE VALLEY PRESS in the month of September MCMXXIII

without faults......

If there is we will
crucify Him.

But the man is not
worthy who, after
being lost, cannot
find his way upon
being directed to
the first milestone.

An Awakening

WE ALL DESIRE GREAT THINGS. WE MAKE OUR VOWS...... and when we have achieved those GREAT THINGS, we forget the Master Carpenter in the tinsel, the glitter, the adulterated perfume, laughter, and flattery. But when once again these things have vanished, and we shoulder our rags, we find we have lost the EVERLASTING EXISTENCE.


In a quiet, thoughtful moment,
When my mortal mind was still;
When I felt a mighty presence,
And was quickened by the thrill
Of the higher, purer forces
Which, alone, can make us whole:
Like a silent flash of lightning
Came a message to my soul.
As an open book before me
Lay the pathway of my life;
And I viewed with clearest vision
Days of peace, and days of strife.
Memory spoke: head bowed, I listened
And my heart was pained and sore
When I realized my weakness....
Ah, how could I ask for more
When the gifts already given
Had been blindly cast aside,
And the unkind, worldly impulse,
Had so often been my guide?


Said this voice, so kind and patient
That my heart was lashed with
"Many times I've heard you praying,
'Father, I ask thee not for fame;
Nor for wealth, nor high position;
But to live a life like Christ.
Guide me ever, that my purpose
Be the purest and the highest;
That my every word and action
May express to those I meet,
Peace, good-will and kindly interest.
With such measure as I mete,
May I see my portion measured.
If in ignorance I choose
Paths that lead me downward, Father,
Then I pray that I may lose
Peace and rest - that I may suffer:
For my deepest hearts desire
Is to follow truth and righteousness
Still higher, HIGHER, HIGHER --"


"Then, as all must prove their earnestness
By battles fought and won --
For the higher nature, daily,
Sees its greatest work undone
In the nobler aspirations:
Choked and smothered by the lust,
By the selfishness and envy
Of the heart that clings to dust --
You were placed where you must follow
The very prayer I heard,
Or, yielding to the worldly sway,
Speak some condemning word;
Or, like the cold and heartless mob,
Still starve some hungry heart
That longed for sympathy and love,
To give him hope to start
His climb to the Heavenly border
So often hid from sight
With the clouds that blind your vision
Of the clear, Eternal Light,"


Regret, remorse -- who has not known?
And now my heart is filled.
Too well I knew that often times
This Voice Divine was stilled
Within me, when it sought to speak --
Or, rather, was ignored --
So overwhelming was the power
In worldly forces stored:
And, in the dire conclusion,
I had listened to their call --
The step in which we placed ourselves
In slavery to their thrall.

Ah, had I been more thoughtful
I had seen the Father's hand
Outstretched to all who reach to take;
And he might then have fanned
Temptation's heat from off my brow,
And lifted me above
The petty things of earthly life,
To heights of peace and love.


"Oh, Father," now my prayer went forth, With all the throbbing power
Of heart lost in the wilderness,
"Still, in Thy mercy shower
Thy Holy Light upon my path....
Still draw me nearer home!
Too long I've tarried by the way...
No more - no more I'll roam!
With all my heart and mind and soul,
I yearn for strength to stand
Unmoved by any earthly power,
To join the happy band
Who, fed by close companionship
With the Messenger of Light,
In turn can feed the multitude
Still struggling in the fight
Which now we understand so well
To be the water's foam -
The froth stirred up by the very wind
That drives our vessel home....


For, weary of the troubled sea
That rages with remorse,
They seek the peaceful waters.
Oh, Father, pray endorse
My feeble pointing of the way
Which thou hast shown to me,
To help them find the cross of
Christ --
To bring them home to Thee:
That they may be freed from bondage,
Purged in Thy Holy Flame,
Thy smiles burning evil to ashes
In smouldering fires of shame.
For this is the sacred mission
For which Christ lived and 'died':
That we might follow His footsteps,
And sometime reach His side....
For I know we shall find Him waiting:
I know that He has not died......


So, Father, again I implore Thee
To give me strength to stand
In the name of Truth, and the Great
White Christ
Who lived in the Holy Land.


There is no witness
more honest than
the conscience, the
servant of God's

And when this servant leaves,
the soul has been smothered
... and has no need
of Justice: for but
a stone remains,
which has neither
pleasure, anticipation,
nor Life.

The Lord's Prayer


An adoration, supplication, or prayer is to the body what sunshine is to the flower.

The Soul was given the body as much as the body the Soul.... Each has its functions and virtues. If the body acquires too much influence, (by transgression), the Temple, (will and understanding), becomes too earthy and drifts through lack of Soul influence into Idolatry and fanaticism, stopping progressive evolution, whereupon it immediately gravitates backward through inertia into degeneracy whose law and testament is the pleasure of the body, and of the senses. Prayer is the one safeguard, the means of preserving that balance. It is the silken thread attached to the God-head -- The Eternal Trimming-beam -- the un-united ends of the circle of Birth and Death.

MY CREATOR Who dwells in Nature,
Sacred be Thy Law....
THY WILL be obeyed in the animal
as in the Spiritual Kingdom.
GIVE US this day our daily duties.
FORGIVE US our faults and short-comings
in the same measure as we
forgive those of our enemies.
AWAKEN OUR realization, that we
may not be led into the Shadow
of Oblivion, but be delivered
from the temptation of the
FOR THINE is the Law, the reward
of our effort, and the consummation
of the Holy Word from the
beginning.... and as it will be
in this World Without End.