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Altiverb 6 features

Altiverb 6 Regular is the Post and music production industry standard stereo convolution reverb. It comes with the renowned full library of impulse responses. Below you can click through pictures that reveal most of Altiverb's features at a glance. Read on to find out about the features that are not visible in the interface.

Altiverb 6 Regular
  • Windows: VST, RTAS and Audio Suite.
  • Mac OS X: MAS, Audio Unit, RTAS and Audio Suite, Universal Binaries for both Power PC and Mac-Intel
    Power PC VST
  • The Full Altiverb Impulse Response library
  • Full parameter automation
  • an impulse response browser that replaces the impulse response popup menu.
  • mono to mono, mono to stereo, and stereo to stereo channel configurations.
  • supported sample rates up to and including 96 kHz.
  • 40 automation preset memories for total-recall via parameter automation.
  • iLok or Challenge-Response authorization.
  • Sample your own spaces or gear (Mac only)

Altiverb 6 XL
This version adds to Altiverb 6 Regular:
  • All channel configurations up to 5.1 surround.
  • TDM support, on Mac OS X for all HD DSP chips, Accel and non-Accel and expansion chassis. TDM sample rates supported: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz
    zero TDM latency at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. At 96 kHz sample rate 2 milliseconds latency (0.002 seconds or 200 samples)
  • supported sample rates for RTAS, VST, AU, MAS and Audio Suite up to and including 384 kHz.

Typical Altiverb 6 XL TDM system usage examples at 48 kHz:

  • mono to stereo Small Concert Hall with a 2.1 second reverb tail takes one HD|Accel chip.
  • mono to stereo Large Concert Hall with a 4.2 second reverb tail takes two HD|Accel chips.
  • mono to quad Church of 4.2 seconds takes four HD|Accel chips.

Altiverb 6 authorization explanation
An Altiverb Authorization can be stored on your computer (via challenge/response) or on an iLok smart Key USB dongle. Both methods authorize your machine right away, there's no waiting. The authorization process is designed such that you will be guided through it step by step.
Altiverb 6 authorization instruction
Run the Altiverb installer application from your CD-Rom or from your download. It will guide you through the authorization process step by step. At a certain point you will need a computer connected to the internet, but it does not have to be your Altiverb computer.
1. Authorizing using the iLok Smart Key
The iLok smart key enables you to carry many of your authorizations with you wherever you go using a single key. It's portable, iLok enables you to easily move authorizations from one computer to another. Use your software at home, at the office, at a studio, or at a friend's house.

Authorizations are stored in the safe, secure iLok - not on a computer or hard drive. iLok is immune to problems caused by machine upgrades, disk maintenance, hardware failures, and software updates.
iLoks can be purchased at, or

Audio Ease will swiftly supply new authorizations for broken or lost iLok dongles. Altiverb iLok licenses can be freely moved between iLoks in your account and can be put on any iLok dongle, including your Pro Tools or Waves dongle.

2. Authorizing using Challenge Response

If you use this authorization method, you authorize your computer. This means only the authorized computer can run Altiverb. If you sell your computer, you may want to authorize a new computer. In that case we will ask you to de-authorize your old computer first, and then authorize your new computer. Please email Audio Ease when you need this.

If, at a later stage, you obtain an iLok Smart Key, we can put the authorization from your computer into your iLok Smart Key Please email Audio Ease when you wish to do so.

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